1-EVENTS-ISOTOPES Flyover Photo-B-SQ.jpg
2-EVENT-Soccer Goal-B-SQ.jpg
3-EVENT-Tavelli Portrait-B-SQ.jpg
9-EVENTS-The Kiss.jpg
6-EVENTS-Alonso Ancira Father of Bride-B.jpg
7-EVENTS-Ryan and Ashley Vows-B.jpg
11-EVENTS-Ryan and Ashley Happy-B.jpg
12-EVENTS-The Three of Us-B.jpg
5-EVENTS-Ryan Before Ceremony-B.jpg
4-EVENTS-Lida and Tim talking-SQ.jpg
26-EVENTS-M and Tom in Vinyard-B.jpg
25-EVENTS-Holding Michele-B.jpg
24-EVENT-Three Smiling FacesB-SQ.jpg
23-EVENTS-Smiling with Girl-B.jpg
22-EVENTS-Michele Hugs Girl-B.jpg
21-EVENTS-Smiling after Ceremony-B.jpg
20-EVENTS-Smiling Michele and TOM-B.jpg
19-EVENTS-Ring Girl-B.jpg
18-EVENTS- Reluctant Ring Bearer-B-SQ.jpg
16-EVENTS-Smiling Before Wedding-B.jpg
17-EVENTS-Lace Dress-B.jpg
14-EVENTS- Lucia in Wedding Dress-B-SQ.jpg
15B-EVENTS-Ron and Lucia Signing Papers.jpg
29-Events-Michale 1st Communion Profile-B.jpg
15A-EVENTS-Breaking the Glass-B.jpg
13-EVENTS-Lucias Wedding Dress-B.jpg
32-EVENTS-Grandmother and Michel Hahn-B.jpg
31-EVENTS-Creighton and Michele Kiss-B.jpg
30-EVENTS-Michele and Creighton in Garden-B.jpg
28-EVENTS-Up in the Air-B.jpg
27-EVENTS-Balloon Basket-B.jpg
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